How to Update Applications on Android Phone

Android phones are popular because they come with several features. Users download several apps on their phones. These apps come with frequent and regular updates, which are necessary to install to get a better experience. Here are some steps that users can use to install app updates on their Android devices.

Installing Updates Manually

1. Find the Google Play Store App and open it by tapping on it. 

2. Tap on the “Hamburger”icon present on the upper-left edge of the screen.

3. Now hit on the ” My apps and games” option.

4. Then touch on the “UPDATES” tab located at the upper part of the page screen.

5. Now tap on the ” UPDATE” besides the app(s) that you wish to update.

· If you want to upgrade all the apps, then press on the “UPDATE ALL” tap located at the top part of the screen.

· When the prompt comes, give your consent to carry out updates by agreeing to all the terms/ conditions.

Installing Updates Automatically

1. Launch the Google Play Store app.

2. Now touch on the “Hamburger”icon at the top of your screen.

3. Now scroll it to the lower part and then tap on “Settings” option near the base of the menu.

4. Hit on the “Auto-Update Apps” near the top of your menu button in the section named as “General.”

5. If you wish to update your device automatically. You have two options, firstly you can update automatically using your mobile data by tapping on the ” Auto-update apps at any time.” This will lead to spending your data charges from your device.

If you want to install updated version your desired apps over Wi-Fi, then you should press on the option “Auto updates apps over Wi-Fi.” It will automatically install updates only when your device gets into contact with any Wi-Fi network. If the Network is open or having no security locked, you can connect to it. Otherwise, you have to provide the password for the network.

If you want to stop automatic app updates completely, touch and tap on “Do not auto-update apps.” 6. The progress of installing updates of apps varies as per the speed of the data/internet connection you are using it. The faster speed gives you the faster-installing updates, whether you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

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